Monday, November 20, 2006

three places which you choose to travel in my country

If you have a chance to travel to my country , please come to see the following three places :

1- Ha Long Bay is located in the North of Viet nam .It 's joinned to the Pacific Ocean . So you have to move by the local tourist boats to see the wonderful caves and beautiful senery . I can not describe how you know about the beauty of it but I beleive that you will be happy and won't feel hopeless so much when you come to see it
2- Hue city is an ancient city . It is in the Middle of Viet Nam .It was built under Nguyen King reign in 1802 . You will see all the imperial tombs named : Gia Long , Minh Mang , Thieu Tri , Tu Duc . Each one is not only independently coloured but is also mystical . Huong river divides the city into 2 areas, adjoined by Truong Tien bridge
Hue is a romantic city although It spent a long time and was destroyed by the war but they still stand and exist today
3- Dalat city is a highland city .The weather is cool all year ( from 102 o C to 22 o C ) . You can see Xuan Huong lake , Than Tho sigh , Love valley and other beautyful landscapes .
This is the city of flowers . Every year it provides a large amount of flowers for all the provinces in Viet Nam . The weather is very good for planting flowers and relaxing.
Nowadays, most of visitors who come to see my country, go anywhere but they finally stop by some days to relax.

My home town

My home town is in the tropical region and the population is over 8o million . The climate has two seasons : rainy and sunny season .Rain begins from June to December and the other months sunny . It is very hot in Summer
The people are kind, studious and hard working . They were so tired -out by war. They want to live a peaceful life now.
After 1975 my country became independent and during the time of colony from Chinese and French , there were many heros such as Hung Dao , Hai Ba Trung etc ...They were the leaders of the movements against the French and Chinese.
Being an agricultural country , a lot of rice is exported every year . Breading animals and planting crops are the major products of the local people.
The life style of the people is very popular . They don't like to compete , after working they enjoy time with their family.
Finally, family is the basis of society . Everyone lives together in the house and children have to obey parents . When the children grow up and want to get married , they must have the agreement of their parents . That is the tradion of my country . Nowadays they still keep the tradition pass it down to their descendants.
I ' m very proud of my home country, about our ancestors who built and gave us the precious heritage . I' m always respectful and thankful to them.

Monday, October 16, 2006

An anecdote about a language missunstanding

Before 1975, in the English class, two students quarelled. The teacher said " what happen ?"
- A girl sutdent said that he kissed me . Everyone laughed !
- T he teacher asked her to spell it .
- She spelt : He kicked me
Oh !!!
This is the truth anecdote in my class


My country is in the South East of Asia . It was under the colonial French regime over 100 years but the Viet Nam education was influenced by " Khong Tu moral " Dance was not organized in the celebrationm or parties.
In fact, most of people don't know how to dance, it is a strang to all the people in country side . In the wedding or other celebrations, they only like singing songs
Nowadays the young generation have been in the big cities, they begin to learn dancing and some dancing is starting to appear in wedding parties
I hope that dance will become the popular art to all my people in the near future

Monday, September 25, 2006

Aboriginal people

Aboriginal people haved lived in Australia for 40,ooo years . They came from Asia . They are the nomanic people and they don't have a religion or god.
Aboriginal men in their family were expert hunters . They hunted fish, Kangaroos and other animals. If they lived in near river or sea , they used canoes to hunt them . Sometimes they could make fish nets or traps . Besides they also were the expert trackers . From the tiny marks they could see what animals had passed and finally they could hunt them , used spears for hunting where there were no trees.
The women's job was to gather food. They knew where, when and how to find food . They looked for the very small nativive bees high up in a tree because honey is highly prized them . They cooked damper and kill lizards . They knew how to make string and rope, used this strings to make bags to carry food , used palm leaves to make baskets , women bags to carry honey , made beautiful bags and baskets to sell to tourists.
They liked to dance and singing . Music was an important way of communicating and their different languages were spoken over 22 .
Nowadays, they have changed their lifestyle, they need a good education , employment doing things like to do and speak English better, a happy family as well ./.

Monday, August 07, 2006

A letter to my friend

Sydney, 8-8-06
Dear Toan,

How are you ? How is it going ? I have settled in Austrlia one year . Everything is allright.
I am learning English in TAEF and I hope that after finishing this class I will intergrate in the new society easilier.
The place where I am living , is very peaceful ,quite and full of fresh air . Because around my house there are two bays . The local people are kind but they are vey strange, only say "Hello" . That's it !
The city and the beaches are very clean, the system of education is very good as well as the health system.
In the next letter , I will write more . I have to go to school now.

From CHI

Monday, July 24, 2006

Semester 2 2006

I have started my new class, AMEP-A and this semester I will do a lot of work on my blog. I'm going to practise putting a link. This is a podcast, which is like an audio blog, Sydney's People Podcast.

Now I'll upload a photo. First I look for a photo. Then I save it in my computer (in My Pictures folder). Finally I click on the Add Image icon in my Edit post and I press the browse button to look for it in my computer (I have to go to My Pictures folder). I choose the position (left, centre, rigtht) and I press the blue button, upload image. When it's done, click on done and it will appear in my post. Then I can finish my writing and click on Publish post.
Hi ,

I come from Viet Nam ( DaLat City )

Wednesday, June 14, 2006